動画の投稿者Willem Vandoorneさんが、2016年の夏、グリーンランド南西部の遠隔地を5週間のソロハイクした記録ビデオです。



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(以下、Willem Vandoorneさんの旅の説明文です)

In summer 2016 I made a 5-week solo hiking and packrafting expedition through extremely remote areas in Southwest Greenland, roughly in the fjordlands and plateaus between the settlements of Kangerlussuaq and Maniitsoq. I made a tour of about 500km, 150km of which were packrafting sections on a total of 9 fjords, 10 lakes and 2 rivers. On the way I climbed a few mountains, likely first ascents. I had one resupply en route, in Maniitsoq after 18 days. Apart from one hunting Inuit family on the second day, I did not encounter a single soul during the entire trek. I was blessed with fantastic weather for most of the journey.

I have chosen not to share my exact route to help preserve the wild character of the area.

More information can be found on my blog: willemvandoorne.wordpress.com

Music: Hans Zimmer – Tennessee

DISCLAIMER: I have received many messages asking for more details about my trip. Without underestimating anyone’s abilities, or trying to make myself bigger than I am, I want to point out that this was the most difficult trip I have ever made. The terrain was often harsh (much harsher than it appears in this video), with relentless boulderfields, moraine, serious river fordings, peat bogs, and quicksands near glaciers close to the ice sheets. There are no trails, no huts, or any other facilities for hikers along this route, and topographic maps are virtually inexistent for much of it (I used the 1/250000 Saga maps for over half of my trajectory). Backpack weight is heavy because of the lack of resupply options, I started with about 32-33kg despite using ultralight gear – but I tend to eat a lot! To packraft the fjords, one should have a good insight in the dynamics of tidal currents, (fjord)winds, katabatic winds, and how they interact in creating waves. If you are not able to fully assess these risks, or are not mentally prepared for the difficult terrain, you won’t have a lot of fun in the first place, and may end up in dangerous situations which I don’t want to be held responsible for in any way. I only dared to attempt this trip after almost 1000 days of hiking and packrafting, quite of bit of which off-trail in remote nordic areas.

この動画の作成者:Willem Vandoorne

出典:Vimeo/ Qeqqata – a solo expedition in Southwest Greenland


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